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A few years back, a friend was was having difficulty finding a specific book on the late 18th century inventor, musician and eccentric, Joseph Merlin. I had it on my shelf at work, I told her. She was surprised and delighted.

I loaned it to her and she went on to publish an article about the maker of her cello, J. Merlin.

It was about that time that I began to take stock of the many books, pamphlets, and miscellany that I had found in used book stores, flea markets, and garage sales. I realized that I had the beginnings of a good “working” library.

Since then, spurred on by friendly competition with a colleague from “down under”, I have assembled quite a remarkable working library related to my field. Here is a small selection of some of the “jewels”:

     • Books •

     • Todini •

     • Makers circa 1960 •